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Velvet Tone Premium Drums

All of the kits (and individual drums) below are available for session use for all clients in our A-Room for an additional $50.00/day rental fee. Mix and Match.

(** Outside rental fee is $200.00/day)

Of course, our House Kit (1996 Pearl Export ELX with Pork Pie BOB snare) is always free to use with any A-Room booking.

Recording Custom 2368 with Logo.jpg

1985 YAMAHA Recording Custom

THE most recorded drum set in the history of music!!!

DRUM SIZES: 22/10/12/14

COLOR: Pearl White

YEAR: 1985

SHELLS: Hokkaido birch/camelia/mahogany

SOUND: Like a record

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1976 Gretsch USA Custom (Stop Sign Badge)


THAT Great Gretsch Sound

DRUM SIZES: 22/13/14/14/16

COLOR: White Nitron

YEAR: 1979

SHELLS: Maple/Gumwood (Jasper Shells)

SOUND: Beefy

NOTE: There is also a Gretsch USA Custom 14x14 floor tom available (not pictured). 

Gretsch USA 0889 VT Logo.jpg
Ludwig 0895 with LOGO.jpg

1969 Ludwig Classic

AKA 'RoadKill'

DRUM SIZES: 24/14/15 (concert toms)

COLOR: Weird Purpleish pink

YEAR: 1969

SHELLS: 3 Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple

SOUND: Like Bonham

** Not available for outside rental

2013 Gretsch
Renown Maple

THAT Great Gretsch Sound-ish


COLOR: Tobacco Burst (Cherry Burst???)

YEAR: 2013

SHELLS: North American Maple

SOUND: Modern Gretsch

* Shown with

YAMAHA Recording Custom

12" rack tom

Gretsch Renown 0904 with LOGO.jpg
TAMA 0912 with LOGO.jpg

1985 TAMA Crestar
Bass Drum


COLOR: Red Sparkle

YEAR: 1985

SHELL: Birch

SOUND: Monsters of Rock

* Shown with Gretsch USA 16" Floor Tom and YAMAHA Recording Custom 12" Rack Tom

** Bass drum not available for outside rental




- Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5"x14"

Nickel over Brass (1977)

(Currently under restoration)

- Ludwig Super (Supraphonic) 5"x14"

Chrome over Brass


- Ludwig Supraphonic 5"x14"

Chrome over Aluminum


- Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5"x14"

Chrome over Aluminum


- Ludwig Acrolite 5"x14"

Chrome over Aluminum


- Pork Pie Big Black BOB 6.5"x14"

Nickel over Brass

- pdp piccolo 3.5"x13"

Chrome over Steel


- Slingerland Radio King 7"x14"

Solid Maple (1944)

Blingerland (MIJ stencil) 5.5" x 14"

3-ply Philippine mahogany (50's)

Pearl piccolo 3"x13"


- pdp 805 popcorn 6"x10"

3-ply "Select Hardwood" and Maple

- Mapex 5"x14"



- Rocket Shell 6.5"x13"

Carbon Fiber

Zildjian Cymbal Patent.jpeg


- 14" Zildjian New Beat hats 70's

- 14" Zildjian New Beat hats 80's

- 13" Sabian Fusion hats

- 20" Sabian HH ride

- 18" Zildjian A crash

- 18" Zildjian Z Custom crash

- 18" Zildjian ZHT medium thin crash

- 15" Sabian SR2 medium crash

- 15" Ludwig Standard (by Paiste) crash 

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