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 Sacramento's Premier Recording Studio


Introducing Velvet Tone's B-Room

Our B-Room is the perfect choice for artists, producers or engineers on a tighter budget, or as a room that can be rented in conjunction with our A-Room (at a discount) to increase productivity. It's a 170sf control room, with a attached vocal / isolation booth. It features a Slate Raven virtual mixer, Pro Tools HD, and B&W Monitors.

Contrasting with our A-Room, the B-Room is mostly digital 'IN-THE-BOX' with a few carefully selected pieces of analogue outboard gear. This room is best suited for:

  • Vocal Recording (& single instrument overdubs)

  • Direct Guitar Recording

  • Direct Bass Recording

  • Songwriting

  • Mix Prep

  • Editing

  • Drummer Replacement

  • Vocal Tuning

  • Auto-Tuning

  • Auto-Ruining

  • 'In The Box' Mixing

  • 'In The Box' Mastering

  • Podcast Recording


  • Slate Raven MTi virtual mixing console

  • Pro Tools 10.3.10 HD3 Accel TDM

  • VT Audio custom mic pre (x4)

  • API 525 compressors (x2)

  • Aphex 9651 Expressor (x2)

  • Whirlwind "The Director" direct box

  • Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom (DI/Re-Amp)

  • B&W main monitors

  • Crown Amp

  • Waves Horizon, Melodyne, Auto-Tune and a whole LOT of other plugins.

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