• Patrick Olguin

Restoring a vintage 70's Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum

Any drummer knows the emotions that the words 'black beauty' can stir up. Especially a vintage specimen from the 70's.

This current specimen is in pretty bad shape. Aside from the obvious spray painted butchery, it was also out-of-round. Nothing that a few weeks and a couple of clamps couldn't fix. It was also missing the throw-off, butt plate and the snares, so I threw on a Ludwig millennial strainer and some Pure sound snares, tuned it up, and BAM! I will be searching for some original vintage Ludwig hoops to further dial-in the tone, but in the mean-time, the current hoops will have to suffice.

The next step will be polishing up the body, lugs and the top hoop. I'm currently consulting with a auto body expert on the best approach to stripping the beautiful spray paint finish to reveal the butt-ugly black nickel finish that's hiding beneath. This will be the most interesting part, as I don't want to strip the nickel in the process. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion...

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